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The Entrepreneur Strategy

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Anyone has the ability to do anything they put their mind to. At Small Business Startup Solutions we don't want people to push their entrepreneurial dreams to the side because they think that there are too many barriers. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur can feel so out of reach when you are first getting started. That’s why we have developed a foundational strategy to help all of the dreamers to make their business ideas come to life. We keep it simple by implementing our principles of low startup costs, generating cash flow, and a minimum viable product.

Low Startup Costs

Who said starting a business has to be so expensive? Consider alternative ways to manage your business to keep your startup costs low. It may not be what you initially envisioned but when you are not bogged down by large expenses you will have the confidence to take bigger risks in other areas. Keeping costs low can mean not locking yourself into costly long-term financial commitments. It only makes sense to be able to adapt to change quickly in your business model. We've learned through the pandemic that everyone is looking for flexibility in their routine. Buy the minimum of what you need to get started AND be efficient. If you find yourself dumping money into your business, seek low-cost alternatives. Set up your business in a way that you can function with little to no cost.

Generate Cashflow

One of the most intimidating aspects of becoming an entrepreneur is how you will generate cash flow. The thought of having to replace your salary can be daunting. In finding your leads you need to consider where your leads hang out. Are they online? Are they at in-person networking events? Neighbors in your community? There is a market for everything. You just need to find out exactly where that market is.

Minimum Viable Product

Look around you. What is the quickest way to get your idea off the ground? Your business will change over time as you refine your model, so you should in no way expect it to be perfect when you start. You should not be ashamed of the beginning stages. The main objective is just putting it out there for people to see what you have to offer. As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes and improve your faults it will only make your business stronger.

If we can help you in any way to take your idea off the ground and help you get your business started, let us know! At Small Business Startup Solutions we help entrepreneurs with everything from business coaching, to web design and analytics. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to see how we can help your small business.