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We stand for diversity and inclusion.

Join our new community and embrace diversity and inclusion. Access an exclusive 10% discount on all our services by showcasing your business's unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion through a documented public policy. 

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We believe in treating our customers with fairness, respect, and inclusivity. We are proud to announce our commitment to non-discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and more.

We want to support the businesses that share our dedication to inclusivity by introducing our new community and it's membership perks:


  • Exclusive 10% discount on our services as long as you are a member, when you present proof of your company's public commitment to diversity and inclusion to us prior to starting your service

  • Have your company's Diversity and Inclusion Policy added to a Wix website for free, content not included

  • Opportunity to be featured in our company e-mails, social media and blog


We firmly believe that diversity fuels success and innovation. By partnering with businesses that actively promote diversity and inclusion, we can collectively make a positive impact and create a better future.

Read more on our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

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