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Accessibility Statement

A legal disclaimer

Last Updated 11/27/23


At Small Business Startup Solutions, we strive to create websites and experiences that are accessible and inclusive to users. While our goal is to meet accessibility standards, it is important to note that we are not liable for any failure to meet accessibility requirements within our services or digital products. It is ultimately the responsibility of the client to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. Additional charges can apply to add additional accessibility measures to your website.  We encourage our clients to collaborate with us in implementing necessary accessibility enhancements and to seek advice from accessibility experts if needed.

We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving our accessibility practices. We regularly review our policies, programs, and initiatives to ensure they align with our goals and the evolving needs of our workforce.  Let us know if you think we are doing something well or need improvement when it comes to accessibility by e-mailing us at

Continuous Improvement

Wix Certified for Accessibility

Small Business Startup Solutions has completed the Wix Accessibility Certification, which demonstrates our commitment to creating accessible websites for all users. This certification means we have done training on how to use Wix's accessibility tools and features to make websites more accessible to people with disabilities.

Wix Certified for Accessibility

Accessibile Products

We believe that everyone should have access to the information and resources they need, regardless of their abilities. Although we incorporate accessibility best practices within all of our website themes and digital products, we can not guarantee that our products are fully accessible. Clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with legal and accessibility requirements.

  • We use a consistent design layout to make it easier for users to navigate the website and find the information that they are looking for.

  • Meta tags are used for labeling text and alternative text (alt text) for non text content to ensure that they can be understood by people who use screen readers.

  • We use font sizes of at least 16 pixels to make text easier to read.

  • Use of appropriate color contrast between foreground and background colors to make text easier to see.

  • Use of clear and concise language - avoiding jargon and technical terms that may not be understood by all users

  • We include basic SEO practices within our designs including adding page titles, descriptions, section titles, alt text, meta tags, and urls. Additional charges apply for advanced SEO.

Best Practices

Accessibility Services

We can integrate applications or plugins into your website to enhance its adaptability. These applications can provide additional features and functionalities to improve the overall accessibility and user experience. Please note that an additional charge will apply for this service.

Adaptability Applications

We have the capability to run an Accessibility Wizard on your website, which will identify areas that need improvement in terms of accessibility. This automated tool will provide valuable insights into potential barriers and help guide the accessibility improvement process. Please note that an additional charge will apply for this service.

Accessibility Wizard

An Accessibility Statement can be added to your website. This statement outlines your commitment to accessibility and provides information about the steps taken to enhance accessibility on the site. Please note that an additional charge will apply for this service.

Accessibility Statement

Please contact us if we can help you with your website or if there is anything that is on our website that we can make more accessible

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