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Best Practices for Utilizing Categories and Tags with Wix Blogs

Categories and tags play an essential role in streamlining navigation and guiding your audience through your Wix blog seamlessly. Skillful implementation can lead to an enriched user experience, heightened content discoverability, and enhanced organization of your website.

Female entrepreneur that is in nature capturing content for her Wix travel blog

In this blog, we'll walk you through best practices to make the most of these features, helping you create a well-structured blog that keeps your readers engaged and coming back for more.

Create a Logical Category Hierarchy Plan your categories in a way that reflects the structure of your blog and aligns with your content strategy. Establish a logical hierarchy with broad categories at the top and more specific subcategories beneath them.

Use Descriptive and Relevant Labels Choose category and tag labels that accurately describe the content they represent. Ensure they are relevant, concise, and easily understood by your target audience. Avoid generic or ambiguous terms that may confuse readers or search engines.

Easily update your blog categories by navigating to Blog > Categories > Add New Category.

Limit the Number of Categories It's essential to strike a balance between providing enough categories for easy navigation and overwhelming your readers with an excessive number of choices. Aim for a manageable number of categories to avoid confusion and maintain a streamlined browsing experience.

Small Business Startup Solutions blog feed page.
Seamlessly sort posts with top-of-feed categories and post labels for easy navigation.

Utilize Tags Wisely Tags offer an opportunity to add additional context and highlight specific aspects of your content. Use them sparingly and focus on the most relevant keywords or phrases. Over-tagging can dilute their effectiveness and make it harder for readers to find precisely what they are looking for.

Tags at the bottom of a Wix blog post.
Discover related content effortlessly with bottom-populated tags and other labeled posts for seamless filtering.

Consistency is Key Establish consistency in your category and tag usage across your blog. Use the same category names and tag formats consistently to avoid confusion and maintain a cohesive browsing experience for your readers.

By implementing these best practices you will have taken significant steps towards optimizing your readers' browsing experience.

As a Legend Wix Partner, we are available to provide expert support and help you manage your Wix blog. Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation to discover how we can assist you further in optimizing your Wix blog's management.

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