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Step into the Surreal: Unveiling Rigo Peralta's E-commerce Website + Diverse Interactive Experiences

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Rigo Peralta's website is the culmination of a dynamic partnership, collaborating our efforts to create a central hub for his immersive surrealist art. It's a testament to the fusion of creativity and technology, where every click and scroll guides you through the intricate canvas of Rigo Peralta's artistic vision.

Online Marketplace for Selling Original Art

Diversity knows no bounds, and so does the reach of Rigo Peralta's surrealist paintings. His website's globally accessible online store welcomes art enthusiasts from all corners of the world. This e-commerce website presents his original artworks for sale, and provides options for domestic and international shipping, as well as for pick-up at Rigo Peralta Art Studio in Allentown, PA.

Spanish Translation Feature for Enhanced Website Accessibility

This new website launch introduces a Spanish translation feature to accommodate Rigo's international audience. This added functionality ensures that his website can resonate with Spanish-speaking visitors too, fostering a more inclusive and engaging digital environment.

Simply Navigate Rigo's Art on his Website, in the Lehigh Valley, and in Punta Cana

Together we created structure and organization to his art by helping visitors to not only immerse themselves shopping online but also to have a strategy for experiencing his art in the community. Rigo's website now provides direction on where to find his surrealist murals within the Lehigh Valley. Art enthusiasts are also invited to his Punta Cana retreat to vacation in his home country where his fusion of creative inspiration and personal reflection intertwine. Journey through these unique art realms to craft your own narrative and tag @rigo_art_ on Instagram.

Seamless Engagement: Commissioning, Inquiries, and Updates

Rigo's website connects with him effortlessly for commissions and press inquiries via dedicated channels on his site. The footer of every page shares links to follow all of his social media and to join the mailing list for announcements on his new paintings and latest studio updates.

Clean Modern Website Design

The essence of this new site lies in simplicity, cleanliness, and functionality. A dedication to this concept has helped to ensure clutter-free layouts throughout the site that enhance readability and visual appeal. We've created a sleek and responsive nature within the design to deliberately create space where Rigos' paintings can take center stage.

SEO updates for an existing website

Recognizing the continuity of Rigo's online presence, we were active in the process of the transition from his previous website to the new platform. Website redirects were completed to allow visitors who were familiar with Rigo's old site to now be guided to the corresponding areas on the new website. This preserves Rigo's established digital footprint, so that he does not penalize his Google search ranking by creating a new website.

This is just the beginning of Small Business Startup Solutions's work with Rigo and we will be excited to share more updates as we work together in the future.

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