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12 Small Businesses to Shop Intentionally at this Season

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Shop intentionally this season with this list of 12 small businesses that are making a positive difference.

Small businesses in Bethlehem, PA
Small businesses in Bethlehem, PA

Anna creates artisan-made bags from reclaimed and discontinued fabric pieces with 96% recycled content. She donates 15% of the proceeds to empower education and literacy.

Snoot Candles makes 100% soy wax candles donating $1 candle to the Animal Rescue. They say, "Every candle helps a furry friend in need, because rescue is our favorite breed!"

3. Ananda Soul Creations

Ananda Soul creates ethically produced jewelry that gives 10% proceeds back to the communities that help produce it. Their silver is recycled and it is blessed with good intentions.

Fringe+Clay is based out of Humboldt County, California and makes macramé and clay art pieces using as much recycled material as possible, including recycled cotton cords and thrifted fibers. They have also focused on sourcing from BIPOC & Women-owned businesses. Save 10% off your purchase with our affiliate partner PROMO CODE: PASSPORT.

Reading Above the Fray, by Julia B. Lindsey, is a book for parents and teachers for researched based routines to help children learn how to read.

6. BeWell

BeWell sells premium wellness products to help people make life living with IBD and other health issues a little easier. Check out some of their best products like the IV Zip Hoodie and the Urgency Bucket.

Elemental Yoga Props creates handcrafted wooden yoga props made in Bali.

The Little Market is a nonprofit shop selling products made by artisans in underserved communities across the globe. They empower entrepreneurship throughout the world.

Forbes just named Cocobronco Design napkins to their 2022 Forbes Holiday Gift Guide of Luxury Gifts for the Home under $100. Cocobronco Design creates sustainable napkins that are made by empowering women and immigrants.

Oberon is a craft leather company making quality handmade products out of Northern California. They use nontoxic glues and dyes and source their materials locally and domestically.

11. Yoga Home

Yoga home is an all-inclusive yoga studio in suburban Pennsylvania offering yoga classes for "Every Body." Share the gift of yoga with classes in person or online.

The paintings of Rigo Peralta represent "The push and pull between humanity and the machinery."

Are you a small business owner or know a small business that we can support? Please let us know.