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Last updated 3/14/23


Edits are unlimited until launch for up to six months from the original purchase initiation. The number of Zoom sessions per project is limited and based on the type of site that is being built. If the project takes longer than 6 months from the first payment of the project, it will cost $150 to start the project back up again to complete any remaining stages. 

Payment is Due upon Receipt

Payment is due upon completion of project stage and when notified payment is due. If a client is unsatisfied with a stage of the project, they do not have to pay for the next stage until they are satisfied. Larger projects are often divided into three stages of an initial deposit, payment for the rough draft and a final payment at the end. A rough draft stage is considered to have majority of the content on the site with strong confidence in the over style and direction of the design. The final payment is considered to be due once the website is launched.


It is the client's responsibility to ensure that proper licensing has been obtained for any content that is on their site including but not limited to fonts, pictures, and copywriting.  It is the clients responsibility to ensure their legalities are covered including adding a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Accessibility Statement and more.

Ethical Standards

Small Business Startup Solutions works with and supports small businesses that create a safe, all-inclusive and authentic environment for their clients and community.

Right to Refuse Business

Small Business Startup Solutions has the right to refuse business and terminate a project or relationship at any time.  It is expected that the client's project does not fall into one of our banned categories. If it is realized that a client's project falls under a banned industry their project will be terminated, with any payments after the initial deposit refunded and the project will not be released.

We will not work with businesses in the following industries: 

  • Pornography/Prostitution

  • Religious Affiliations

  • Guns and Violence

  • Other Vice Industries 

  • Spreading Hate or divisiveness 

  • Spreading False Information

Use of Projects in Marketing

Small Business Startup Solutions has the right to showcase any projects through various marketing channels within the company including but not limited to social media, marketing videos, advertising,


No refunds will be owed for client projects. Small Business Startup Solutions offers to break large project costs into three stages of an Initial Deposit, Payment for the Rough Draft and FInal Payment once the site is completed. This is to ensure client satisfaction throughout the project. ​

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