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Small Business Startup Solutions is running our first Small Business Sponsorship. This sponsorship is to award over $2500 in marketing and fintech solutions to an aspiring entrepreneur. This company was created to support small business startups that have positive business missions and this sponsorship helps us to pursue this mission. The package includes a *multipage Wix website with one application of either a blog, podcast, ecommerce, or booking feature, a one-year domain subscription, one year of website hosting in partnership with Wix, a logo, 5 social media posts,  business coaching sessions, as well as other marketing and fintech resources. The package does not include setting up and registering your business. The winner will be responsible for registering their business with their intended state if it is not already.

To qualify for entry applicants must fill out the entry form below. All fields must be completed and it is required to follow us on at least two social media channels. We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. By submitting an entry form you are agreeing to have comments from the entry displayed on our social media page if you are a selected winner. 


On December 15th three candidates will be chosen at random for the sponsorship. They will then be nominated to confirm that their businesses have a positive business mission. Considerations will not be given to businesses that are in vice industries or that have negative, discriminatory or violent causes. Finalists will be notified by December 16 and announced by December 21. If you are selected you will have 48 hours to respond to your nomination before forfeiting the nomination. If selected it will be required that you provide a photo of yourself to be used on the Small Business Startup Solutions's social media pages for voting. The winner will be selected by public vote of likes and will be summed from our Instagram Page, Facebook and LinkedIn. Votes have until noon on December 30 to accumulate. The winner will be announced on Dec 30. 


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