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E-Commerce application added to existing Wix website

E-Commerce application added to existing Wix website


Elevate your Wix website by having us integrate an E-commerce store. We'll add five pages – Product, Store, Cart, Checkout, and Thank You – to ensure a smooth shopping journey. Provide us the content for five of your products and we will load them into your site.

  • Store page: Efficiently sort and filter through a diverse array of projects to quickly locate your desired content. 


    Product Page: Add your comprehensive product details that illuminate the features and benefits of the item available for purchase.


    Products: We will add five products to your online store when the required information has been sent to us.


    Cart page: Allows customers to review and edit their orders before finalizing the purchase, ensuring a confident shopping experience.

    Checkout page: Dedicated checkout page for entering and confirming order details, streamlining the purchasing journey.


    Thank you page: Populates after a purchase for order confirmation, providing a seamless shopping experience.


    Seamless Integration: We will integrate your online store into your existing Wix website, preserving its functionality and enhancing its overall appeal.


    Customized Design: We will tailor your store's appearance to match your website's design, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing experience for your visitors.


    User-Friendly Interface: Navigating and managing your store will be a breeze with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly add and organize the future products you put on your site.


    Responsive and Mobile-Ready: Your store will be responsive, providing an optimal shopping experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.


    SEO Optimization: Our Wix Legend Partner team understands the importance of search engine visibility. We'll implement SEO best practices.