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That's So Niche: Your Brand

Small business is now.

One of my best friends was the first to introduce me to craft beer ten years ago and that was what initially triggered me to start seeking out local styles of a product. Previous to this experience, I am ashamed to say, I never used to seek out small businesses for their personal products. I was drinking Lionshead at the time and otherwise was always looking for the cheapest or most convenient option of whatever else I was buying.

Hello Amazon! And look where we are at, we can all thank ourselves for making Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world, instead of dispersing that wealth amongst our own small businesses.

Since that introduction though, I have literally traveled the world to seek craft beer out. My favorite spots have included Dieu du Ciel! in Montreal, Cerveja Musa in Lisbon, Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai, and Russian River in Santa Rosa. The list goes on! Through this, as well as travel in general, I have come to realize that there is just nothing better than enjoying and supporting the businesses that are local and unique to a community.

Niche is in.

Our tastes have been refined to a micro-level. It's happening everywhere from our politics to different styles of yoga. Technology is connecting us more than ever before and it has created opportunities for niche businesses to be successful. With technology use going up significantly, the opportunity is on the table for each to own their own.