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Shift the Wealth: A Movement

Who else has been admiring the whit of the Reddit market players this past week? The transfer of wealth has been crushing for hedge funds and millionaires that were betting on logic and facts. It makes sense why any portfolio manager or analyst would have placed downward bets on companies that are destined for doom. I mean lets be real, Game Stop is the Blockbuster of video games. Although these inflated stock prices have the ability to drop at any time, you can’t help but chuckle at the losses that the big money makers face and the future uncertainty it has caused to their bottom line. Does the stock market work? was a comical but legitimate question asked by SNL in their latest episode.

I don’t feel bad for the losers of this game. At times of success, big firms and corporations have shown that their money is spent to employ people for low wages, source their products unethically, and kill the environment. They sat complacent in a Trump era of “down is up” and now tables have turned and they are literally paying for it.

Big brands are American culture though. They are literally unavoidable. People in the US continue to support these greedy businesses without question. We make purchases and pay no attention to what our money is supporting. Granted no one has the time to investigate and source every purchase, but why can’t we try to redirect our spending to businesses that care about more than just themselves?

My guilty pleasures are Lululemon, MAC, American Airlines and my iPhone. So I am far from cutting corporate off, but I am still trying to do my part to #shiftthewealth when and where I can. I created Small Business Startup Solutions to outwit corporate greed, just like these Reddit users. Our mission is to

inspire an entrepreneurial movement that encourages people to take control of their future by becoming leaders in their community in an effort to direct power away from large corporations and back to the local economy.

To help redirect this power, I offer professional solutions to help you start a business in your community so that we can exponentially start shifting the wealth together to more ethical causes. If you are interested in exploring ways to start your own business schedule your consultation! I offer a free consultation to start planning how you can bring your idea to the market.

What are efforts you are making to cut off big unethical businesses and #shiftthewealth? What small businesses do you love to support? Whether you’re spending the big bucks from your GME gains or just someone with a dollar to spend, my hope is that you begin to think twice about who and what you are supporting when you spend your money. Let’s #shiftthewealth.

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