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Meet Certified Health and Life Coach Lisa Haggerty

What is your business and when did it start?

I am a certified health and life coach. I work with people who struggle with weight loss. I help them lose weight without deprivation, so they can feel confident and free. My business started in late 2020 when I received my coaching certificates.

Why did you start your business?

I was overweight my entire adult life. Not only was I heavy, I struggled with body image issues and eating disorders. I was a yo-yo dieter, trapped within diet culture. I tried every weight loss program out there and even spent years in therapy. Absolutely nothing worked long-term. (Note: nothing wrong with therapy if it's right for your needs!) A few years ago, I met a health coach and decided to invest. It was the best decision of my entire life. Not only did I lose my weight, it was fun, easy and permanent. I went through a total transformation, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I healed old wounds and patterns. I developed new, health habits. I wanted to share all the hidden goodness of coaching with others and always keep coaching as a part of my life. So, I decided to become certified myself and launch my business.

What benefit does it have to the community around you?

Not only do I help clients lose weight, I help them to do it in a way that does not feel like work. We achieve total transformation by shedding unhealthy habits and old thought patterns and building new tendencies, behaviors and even a new identity. For example, many of my clients identify as someone who has trouble losing weight but may leave the program identifying as a healthy, confident person. How cool is that!?

How did you overcome your biggest hurdle when starting your business?

I've never started a business before. I did not know any of the "hows" and luckily Small Business Startup Solutions has led the way for me.

What is your piece of advice for someone that is interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Celebrate your small victories. Maybe I simply told someone I am a coach or maybe I made one Instagram post with some bonus coaching content for my followers. It is still something I did for my business that day and that is something to celebrate on its own.

Check out Lisa and the website we built for her at

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