Love Your Job

I used to hate being at work on a beautiful day during winter thinking, “Wow, I won’t be able to breathe in any fresh air today in this office.” I always felt like I was chained to a desk during the workweek. Even with a change of scene, being in my own home during the pandemic, it was not enough separation from my employer. Regardless of where my body was, my mind still had to be at work full time. I began to assess the opportunity cost of things I was losing out on by working for someone else’s mission. I started to think about what I enjoy spending my time doing and began building an action plan to create a new career that I would love.

I shared a book list of inspiring reads in a previous post that helped me to identify qualities that I felt I needed to have to lead a fulfilling life. Putting that into focus directed me to pinpoint the MUSTS of my dream job as an entrepreneur.

On the most basic level these are the things I love to do that needed to be turned into an income stream:

I love to travel. The pandemic has obviously put a big halt to that, but I knew that whatever my new work should be it will allow me to be remote, so I can be anywhere in the world doing what I do. Last year was the first year in 13 years that I haven’t taken an international trip. Traveling allows me to learn about things and meet people that I never would have known existed. It is truly magical and life-changing each time. I need that type of internal growth happening always.

I love to help people. I want to help people to be happy and live a comfortable life that is lived intentionally and considerate of who and what’s around them. I want to help people feel confident, secure, and needed in this world. I want them to do what they are meant to do with their lives not what they think they have to do.

I love to be creative. Art was always my favorite subject in school. It was always my easy A and I could get lost in time with it. After high school, I really never did anything related. I wanted to bring this back into my life. Being creative allows me to be unique and different. I want to be innovative. I want to design and I want to share my work.

Putting all of my MUSTS together was not easy, but eventually, Small Business Startup Solutions was created. This company will allow me to help people to do what they love to do as we all build up communities. We have created an alternative so people do not have to feel bound by corporations as their employers or for their spending decisions. Our strategy leaves an opportunity for anyone we work with to create an exponential effect of good in their community as they become leaders, help people, and be creative in their own way.

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