How to Sell, When You're Not a Salesman

One of the most terrifying thoughts about starting your own business is trying to figure out how you will create your own salary. It seems daunting to think that you will be responsible for generating tens of thousands of dollars to make sure you have a sustainable life going forward. Sales is inevitably a part of every business so through this post we will share what you can do if you need to sell, but are not a salesman.

  • Sell a product you are proud of and want to share with people - Selling becomes natural when you sell something you are proud of. It is easy to want to talk about it.

  • Spend time connecting with the people that want and need what you sell - No use harassing your friends and family if they have already told you they don't need your product. There are more fish in the sea. There are plenty of people out there that actually need what you sell and they will be appreciative of your mission to connect them to what you have.

  • E-mail Marketing - E-mail marketing is one of the most popular and direct ways to help remind your audience what your business is up to.

  • Social Media - Showing off all that your business does on a regular basis helps people to know what your brand is about. Make sure that you are hashtagging your posts with keywords that have high searchability so that your posts will be seen by audiences that search that topic.

  • Website - Having a website is a passive way to generate leads. Things like selling products online or backlinking affiliate links to the site offer opportunities for shoppers to make purchases with no conversations needed.

  • Network Referrals - Ever ask a group of people the best place to go out to eat? You will get a boat load of opinions from everyone trying to sway you over to their favorite spot. When people know the answer on where to find something, they want to share their opinion. Asking your friends and family to be scouts for your business by referring your company if someone they know has a need, is a great way to generate business. As your business grows, be sure to ask happy customers to refer you if someone has a need.

  • Have a service generate leads for you - If selling is something you truly despise, consider outsourcing the task. Having a service generate leads for you is a great way to get some extra job volume.

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