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9 Steps for Spring Cleaning your Business

With spring finally upon us, it is time to start the spring cleaning! Not just in your personal life, but your business too! We're sharing ways for you to tidy up your small business to get a fresh start this season! These tips will help you to drive administrative efficiencies to make running your business easier and more enjoyable.

1. Centralize your data - When your business data is accessible to you anywhere at any time it will make organizing and managing your business easier. This also helps other people to easily access company information, if you give them permission. We suggest utilizing Google Drive as your solution for this. Google Drive can also easily sync up with other technology to help automate tasks in other systems.

2. Get rid of clunky processes - Do you have tasks that you don't like to do or that are too time-consuming? Consider automating anything repetitive. Look for ways for technology to do this work for you. Create online forms, consider having clients book appointments right through your website, and simplify your communications.

3. Sync your technology - What type of software are you using to run your business? Make a list of all of the systems you are using and learn about how they can connect with each other. Integrate your software together.

4. Cleanout your workspace - Whether you hoard used coffee mugs or books that you have never read, it's time to tidy up that desk and give it a dusting. Leave out only the things that need to be there or that bring you happiness and inspiration.

5. Open the window - Literally. Get some fresh air and natural light if possible.

6. Organize your finances - Novo makes it easy for business owners to keep their finances in line. As an affiliate partner, we encourage entrepreneurs to establish their small business bank account. Novo uses fintech to help business owners stay track for yearly goals.

7. No more paper - Get rid of all of your paper. Organize these documents online and get them out of your way. Not much more to say on this, other than to recycle it!

8. Receipts - Start having these sent to your e-mail for easy tracking. Automatically file these into folders for future reference and uploads.

9. Clients - Cut loose difficult clients. If you find yourself in a situation where your feeling drained and the relationship isn't working, remember that your time is valuable and it may be worth everyone's time to split ways.

If we can help you in an aspect of spring cleaning your business, schedule your free consultation!

Where will you start the spring cleaning in your business?

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