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7 Ways to Start Generating Your Business Idea

Trying to decide on your concept?

Get inspired with ways that will show you how to generate your business idea. Whether you use this guide to start brainstorming on your own, or find yourself seeking additional help in getting started, there is an opportunity for anyone to become their own boss.

  1. Assess Your Hobbies and Skill Sets Chances are you have a hobby or something that you are already good at that could make you money. Take a look at the things that you love to do and use that as a starting point to guide you. Tasks that are easy for you, can be hard for other people. It may seem difficult to imagine finding a path that aligns with your interests, but professionals are needed in all industries.

  2. Idea a Day Make an effort to create a list and write down a new idea towards your entrepreneur goals every day. Get creative. It could be something little like, “I want to talk to my friend about collaborating” or it could be something larger like, deciding to add another product line on your website. These ideas can become a guide on how to prioritize your time and help you to move forward.

  3. Find a Mentor The advice of a mentor can save crucial research time as you are getting started. Examine your network. Who is an expert in what you are trying to do? Connect with people that you want to work with and surround yourself with people that will help you grow and challenge your thinking.

  4. Think Small It doesn’t have to start with a big idea, it just has to be the idea that gets you going. As companies grow, they make shifts in their plans and marketing, sometimes finding out that their final business model looks nothing like what they initially sought out. Focusing on a small basic concept will allow you to scale it more quickly and leave room for you to adapt as you find what works.

  5. Try Something New Get out of your normal routine and start doing things that are out of the box. You will find you will start walking on paths that you never would have walked, meeting people you never would have met, just by putting yourself out there. Stepping into an unfamiliar environment will help to broaden your mind and influence your creativity.

  6. Watch YouTube Don’t underestimate the power of watching YouTube. This is a great way to see how professionals in your sought after industry operate and market themselves. You can learn from professionals that are already doing what you want to do.

  7. Schedule a Consultation Interested in having an ideas generating discussion to bring focus to your business concept? We can help you build an action plan. Contact Small Business Startup Solutions to brainstorm the options you have in getting started.