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10 of the Best Web Design Features You Need on Your Small Business Website

Creating a new small business website? Or redesigning an old website? Small Business Startup Solutions has put together a list of 10 of the best features you need to make sure are included in your next design.

  1. Logo and Branding - Your logo is the unique stamp of your company. It is important to put this all over your website, not just one spot. It gives your business the claim to the products and services that it owns and helps to gain brand recognition. Unifying your brand across your website and marketing will project a professional image.

  2. Booking Feature - Whether your setting up an online course, need to schedule appointments, or plan to host an event, setting up a booking feature will help you to organize. Payments can be made upon booking and Zoom is easily integrated so that everyone has the information they need to join any online appointments.

  3. Social Media Integration - There are so many options for social media anymore that you need to make sure that you're aware of the platform being used by your audience. Pictures and content can be streamed through to your pages. Other options include creating opportunities to like and share your website content and displaying social symbols to link through to the applicable third-party sites.

  4. Click Funnels - In order to build up a marketing campaign, you need a target audience. Click funnels help you to collect warm leads from visitors on your website by obtaining contact information and any other data points you are interested in collecting. This can be done by creating pop-ups, subscription areas, contact areas, forms and more. All the data collects in a spreadsheet to make it easy to reference and drive specific marketing campaigns.

  5. SEO - Also known as Search Engine Optimization, this relates to people being able to find your website. Google Rankings is one of the top ways people search, so you want to make sure that your business is appearing at the top of the results when applicable.

  6. Members Area - Have private information only some of your visitors are allowed to see? Or a public community you are wanting to engage? Create a Member's Area to share documents, create payment portals and more.

  7. Video Content - Engage your audience with short videos related to your company. They can be company-specific, related news, or something stock, regardless the video content will help make your website visitors stay longer.

  8. Testimonials - Asking your happy customers for reviews online is a great way to help boost your reputation to the public. Displa