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10 Must-Read Books to Inspire Your Next Direction in Life

The pandemic has introduced a rare change in a familiar routine that has resulted in self-reflection and reprioritization of what is most important for many people. Whether the refocus is on friends and family, changing where you live, or finding a new career, Americans are creating new ways for themselves. These books were chosen because they are meant to challenge you to have the courage to do what is best for yourself and those around you. I have categorized each book into a theme that I identified as having helped in steering my direction to become an entrepreneur during this time. I hope you enjoy these touching stories of inspiration.

FEEL ESSENTIAL 1. Tears of Salt A Doctors Story – Pietro Bartolo is a doctor on an island country off the coast of Italy called of Lampedusa who tells his story of the refugee crisis. He runs the only hospital on the island where he goes everyday not knowing how many refugees will wash ashore. His resilience to wake up day after day, dealing with such trauma, shows how truly needed one person can be when they put their skill to use.


2. It Takes a School – Jonathan Starr

Jonathan Starr quit his job as a hedge fund manager to open the Abaarso School of Science and Technology in the country, Somaliland, not to be confused with Somalia. His perseverance and persistence to educate children who would have otherwise lived in poverty changed thousands of lives.